Club Instructors

Chief Instructor Sensei Alan Wears, 7th Dan

Sensei Alan started his career in karate in 1982 at the Shinko School of Karate receiving his 1st Dan (black belt) in 1990 and his 7th Dan in 2018. He is a both a nationally qualified coach and coach assessor as well as a qualified referee, refereeing at national competitions. During his karate career he has competed successfully at all levels including national and international competitions.

Citing Peter Jones, his first instructor, and Ray Wilson, the Chief Instructor of the NKA, as his greatest influences, it is not surprising the importance he places on teaching people and encouraging them to achieve their best. His commitment to teaching others has been rewarded many times over, but especially when a Kyokutan Karate club member won the EKO national competition at the age of 10.

Sensei Alan was appointed EKO Chief Instructor for County Durham in November 2020.

Sensei Alan is CRB registered.

Senior Instructor John Smith, 6th Dan

Instructor Sensei John began studying karate in 1982 under Sensei Peter Jones, the head coach at the Shinko School of Karate. He received his 1st Dan (black belt) in 1990 and his 6th Dan in 2017. In 1999 he became the first member of the Kyokutan Karate Club to achieve his 3rd Dan at the EKO headquarters in Birmingham. In the course of his karate career he has competed successfully at all levels including national and international competitions.

As a nationally qualified coach Sensei John places great value on encouraging people to achieve their best. Students at all levels have benefited from his coaching and, over the years, he has helped many students progress through their grades, from 9th kyu all the way through their Dan grades.

Sensei John is CRB registered.

Instructor Sensei Lee Scott, 3rd Dan

Sensei Lee has been training, teaching and competing in martial arts since childhood. He trained in Tae Kwon-do as a child and later trained in Shotokan karate under Senseis Peter Jones, Alan Wears and John Smith at the Shinko School of karate. Along with Sensei Alan and Sensei John, Sensei Lee was an important part of the formation of the Kyokutan Karate Club, prior to which he had been running a club within the Shinko School.

Sensei Lee achieved his 1st Dan in 1995 with the NKA and his second Dan in 1999 at the EKO headquarters whilst training with the Kyokutan Karate Club. He achieved his current 3rd Dan with the EKO in 2005. He has represented the club in regional and national competitions, making it through to the finals in several competitions.

As well as enoying training hard and coaching others, Sensei Lee enjoys the camaraderie within the club.

Sensei Lee is CRB registered.